Saturday, 29 October 2011

In Charge

As the oldest of six children I find myself "in charge" more often then not. This morning I woke up before my mom left for a day of scrapbooking. On the island she left a list of things to do.
The house was freezing when I got out of bed. The furnace wasn't working and the woodstove was out. One of the chores I was left with was to try to get the woodstove going again. So I sent my brother Matt out to get me some kindling. That was sometime before ten. It is now almost three and I still am cold.
Fires don't start very well with wet kindling. I asked my dad if we had some dry wood and he told me just to use some newspaper and it would start. Great advice, Dad.
Then there were the the chickens to feed. That was a job a shoved off on Luke, my youngest brother. Well, I heard about that. He had done it yesterday and it was Matt's turn and it wasn't fair. I told him "Life isn't fair. Matt's doing other things for me. Now get."
And he did. He even fed the dog.
Then the kitchen floor needed to be washed, First I had to vaccum and then wash it. That took a half an hour.
Last night I had rented some movies for my brothers and one needed to be returned today. So off I went to the video store. Since the store is so close to the mall I decided to stop off there and maybe buy a book. After all, I deserve to treat myself, right?
So I'm standing in the bookstore trying decide what to buy when my phone rings.
It's Matt. "Can you pick up Richard?" (Richard is his best friend).
After a bit of wheedling on his part I agree. Off to St. George and a stop at the church to get more water.
Finally I get home and remember that I still have laundry to finish.
I finish dealing with dirty clothes and get a text from my mom. 'So how's it going?'
I send her a long list of what has been done. She replies 'Wow, I should leave you in charge more often.'
Sure Mom, I love being in charge.
Then my brother Adam texts and asks 'Can I bring eight people over to visit?'
Well, being the loving sister I am, I agree.
Now in a very short while I will be entertaining some very hyper teenagers. Oh the joys of being in charge.
And the house is still cold.

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