Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ode to Snow

White, cold, silent,
You fall to the ground.
Always changing,
Never the same.

Yet you come every year.
Covering the bare ground,
A beautiful mantle you make.

You come silently, and time stands still.
You pile in drifts,
Dancing before the wind,
To a song I cannot hear.

I raise my face as you fall,
You cling precariously to my eyelashes.
Touching my tongue for one small moment,
Leaving an icy, cold feeling.
You are like water in my mouth.
Tasteless and cool.

I catch you in my hands,
Marveling at the Creator’s design.
You touch my cheeks as soft as baby’s breath.

As you fall,
A fresh scent fills the air.
It is crisp and clean.

In the sunlight you sparkle,
Like diamonds you shine.

You are easily manipulated.
Yet in the sun and warmth,
You leave me,
Leaving only memories.

And in your death you bring,
The fragrance of wet earth,
And the new green of spring.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Night

The wolves howl beneath a cold, blue moon.
The coyotes pace and yip their fear.
The rabbits tremble in dens beneath the ground.
Clouds scuttle across the sky.
Something is changing, but whether good
Or bad, the animals do not know.

But even if someone does know
there is nothing they can do under the moon.
An evil is about to come and for the good
of all others do not stand in fear.
Tell this message to all beneath the sky
and all those who hide underground.

And when you feel the trembling in the ground
Go to any safe place you know
For soon the clouds of night will fill the sky.
And when the gold of the harvest moon
lights the night, if you are filled with fear
remember that there is still some good.

And the evil will be overrun by the good.
Don’t forget to stand your ground.
And don’t back down in fear.
For even the animals who hide know
that only a fight will end the evil. And the moon
will forever hang high in the night sky.

And while the wolves howl under a night sky
and the coyotes yip that gone is the good,
what are the people doing? Beneath the moon
they feast on the very ground
were ever good person does know
that the fight for good will end our fear.

At the end of the fight when the fear
Is gone, the sun will hang in the sky.
And then the whole world will know
that the people only want the good.
And so the rabbits underground
And the wolves and coyotes will dance under the moon.

And you will know no more fear
for the blue moon will hang in the sky
and the good will rule on the ground.

By The Farmer's Daughter

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Five Days In...

Three years ago I participated in my first NANOWRIMO challenge.
National Novel Writing Month; once a month every year thousands of aspiring authors spend their November pouring out their creative thoughts into a novel. 50,000 words in a month sounds crazy but it's not impossible.
In 2008 I reached 25,000. In 2009 and 2010 I reached the goal and became an official NANOWRIMO winner. I have two certificates to prove it.
Once again this year I have joined those thousands of writers to face off against 50,000 words.
To hit the goal a person must write at least 1667 words a day. My goal is to get 1700 words a day. So far I'm doing pretty well. But it's only day five. The excitement is still there.
When week two ends we'll see again.
Somehow between work, night class and all those other things I have to do I find time to abuse my keyboard and pound out those words.
Until next time,
The Farmer's Daughter