Sunday, 22 January 2012


‘Crystal, like glass, clear and brilliant.
Destiny, an unknown future.
Together they bring an end and a beginning.
Apart all will crumble.
Your future is like glass:
One wrong move and it shatters.’  

She was from the poor class; he was one of the elite and one man’s dream would bring them together to save a world from destruction.

The world as we know it has been destroyed. In the 2090s a world war had destroyed the great technical world of that time. Then only thirty years later another war devastated the recovering world of the early 3020s.
In 3097 one girl would bring the beginning of change to a dying world.
But first she would have to learn to love and forgive.

Crystal was only going to deliver the envelope for her grandfather. She would be back in a few days.
Two months later she finally returns to find everything she loved gone. Except the two people she loves the most.

Dante Brooke was raised in a life of privilege and money. But some of the things his group of people do has him questioning their life style. Then Crystal falls into his life, literally.
Suddenly things aren’t so easy anymore. Crystal can’t seem to fall into the role he has chosen for her. Until he finds himself in love with her.

But the dream of one man determines their future and the destiny of the world rests with them and a girl who has been missing for nine years.

For Crystal and Dante the words of a prophetic dream drive them to the greatest challenges that life could throw their way. With the help of Dante’s sister, Savannah, and Dominique St. Clair, they struggle to find the courage to change a world that doesn’t want to be changed.

I am planning on posting pieces of this story for the next little while. If you like what you read here tune in next week for part 1.

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