Monday, 4 February 2013

New Job, New Experiance

Last time I wrote, I was all set to work in a town outside of Adelaide, South Australia. Now I am working outside of Perth, Western Australia.
In 26 days I have moved from one side of the country to the other. I have spent a week with people I never imagined hanging out with, bought two cars, brought one back, lost a job, gained another and applied for a third. Yes, it has been crazy but still in some ways a lot of fun.
A week and a half ago I arrived in Perth. At that time I had lost my first job for reasons I still haven't quite figured out and I wasn't really sure what to do. But my parents knew. They called my aunt who called her nephew who called his parents. A few hours later Dad called me and told me to fly to Perth and someone would pick me up from the airport.
So I booked a ticket, brought my car back from where I got it, boarded a plane and landed five hours later in Perth. I was picked up by my aunt's niece and stayed with her and her parents for a few days. In that time I found a new job, bought a new car and moved to Gidgenannup.
My new job is one that I have always wanted to do. I'm a part time groom. Which pretty much means I feed horses, saddle horses, unsaddle horses, bath horses and sweep floors. It isn't glamerous but it is good honest work. I'm living with my employer's parents and have my own room and all the food I want.
I live out in the country surrounded by trees, horses, dogs, kangaroos and birds. It's a place that holds so many possibilities and experiances. The family I work and live with are amazing people. They are always asking if I need anything, eager to have me join in with them as they hang out with friends.
So for now I am settled in a place I am enjoying with people whom I greatly respect.
I have just applied for another part time job to fill in some of the hours I'm not spending working with the horses.
God has been good for me, helping me find a good job, a good group of people to hang out with and a church to attend. Maybe somethings that have happened haven't been what I wanted. Yet I have learned through all of this that God's plans are better then mine. I thank Him for the opportunity to show His love to more people, to learn new skills, to meet new people.
Australia is a land of good people, great oppurtunities and strange but wonderful creatures.

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  1. Heather: I'm glad you've found a good home, good job and good church. Three out of three! It sounds like you're at peace.