Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Night

The wolves howl beneath a cold, blue moon.
The coyotes pace and yip their fear.
The rabbits tremble in dens beneath the ground.
Clouds scuttle across the sky.
Something is changing, but whether good
Or bad, the animals do not know.

But even if someone does know
there is nothing they can do under the moon.
An evil is about to come and for the good
of all others do not stand in fear.
Tell this message to all beneath the sky
and all those who hide underground.

And when you feel the trembling in the ground
Go to any safe place you know
For soon the clouds of night will fill the sky.
And when the gold of the harvest moon
lights the night, if you are filled with fear
remember that there is still some good.

And the evil will be overrun by the good.
Don’t forget to stand your ground.
And don’t back down in fear.
For even the animals who hide know
that only a fight will end the evil. And the moon
will forever hang high in the night sky.

And while the wolves howl under a night sky
and the coyotes yip that gone is the good,
what are the people doing? Beneath the moon
they feast on the very ground
were ever good person does know
that the fight for good will end our fear.

At the end of the fight when the fear
Is gone, the sun will hang in the sky.
And then the whole world will know
that the people only want the good.
And so the rabbits underground
And the wolves and coyotes will dance under the moon.

And you will know no more fear
for the blue moon will hang in the sky
and the good will rule on the ground.

By The Farmer's Daughter

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