Saturday, 19 November 2011

Ode to Snow

White, cold, silent,
You fall to the ground.
Always changing,
Never the same.

Yet you come every year.
Covering the bare ground,
A beautiful mantle you make.

You come silently, and time stands still.
You pile in drifts,
Dancing before the wind,
To a song I cannot hear.

I raise my face as you fall,
You cling precariously to my eyelashes.
Touching my tongue for one small moment,
Leaving an icy, cold feeling.
You are like water in my mouth.
Tasteless and cool.

I catch you in my hands,
Marveling at the Creator’s design.
You touch my cheeks as soft as baby’s breath.

As you fall,
A fresh scent fills the air.
It is crisp and clean.

In the sunlight you sparkle,
Like diamonds you shine.

You are easily manipulated.
Yet in the sun and warmth,
You leave me,
Leaving only memories.

And in your death you bring,
The fragrance of wet earth,
And the new green of spring.

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