Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Philadalphia Times Vol. 1 #4

July 3, 2012

It was another busy day here in the City of Brotherly Love. After a quick stop at Home Depot for more paint we set to work applying a second coat to the walls. Grace and Ashley started working on the front foyer. And once again Grace got the lovely job of cutting in the paint at the ceiling.

Dan and Mark went back to Home Depot to get supplies to fix the closet that was torn apart yesterday. We also decided to paint the front of the church a greyish blue. By lunch time Dan and Mark were back and Grace, Alison and Ashley started painting the front of the church.

After lunch we went to the park across the street and sang some songs. While there we talked to some of the people in the park and handed out invitations to church. Most people were quite receptive. Alison and Adam met a man who believed in the Koran. They spent some time listening to him telling them that the Koran was the true book. While they didn’t get much chance to talk to him about the Christ of the Bible they hope the words they did say would penetrate and show him the errors of his way. We handed out about twenty or so invitations in all and we hope that at least a few of them will come to church and help build up the congregation at Grace Fellowship.

We came back to the church and finished painting. By about two-thirty the front foyer was done. They had run out of blue paint for the front so Mark had to head back to Home Depot for more. When he came back a crew of four girls finished painting. As they were so many girls visible we had a lot of comments about women working. One lady laughed and told us women got things done. We had to agree. Sorry, guys.

With the front almost finished the clean up inside began. The yellow paint was finished with so we threw out paint trays and rollers. The kitchen floor got scrubbed and Adam and Mark started putting back the pews.

Outside at the back of the building another bunch of people started cleaning up the waist high weeds. By four most of the weeds were down and the two flower boxes were ready for flowers. The Snodgrasses brought us a weed eater so that helped in taking out the weeds. Tomorrow we hope to put in a few flowers and some mulch. There is a path from the parking lot to the back door but it was so covered in weeds you could barely see it. We hope to lay some mulch down to define the path.

Dan spent most of the afternoon in his ‘cave’. The closet at the back is now missing most of the floor and Dan tarred a lot of the walls and floor joists in hopes that that would stop the water from leaking in. The basement doesn’t smell so bad and we are starting to get the mold under control. Tomorrow Dan hopes to put in a new floor joist and get some drywall up.

At four we called it quits and headed back to get our bathing suits. Niessa Snodgrass has a membership at the YMCA in Abington and we went to get a swim. Because of a mix up by one of the Y staff we almost didn’t get in. But because things weren’t explained right we were allowed in. After they entered us all into their computers and took our mug shots we headed out to swim in the outdoor pool.

Supper, like always was late but we had good discussions about the things we had seen and heard today. Tomorrow is Independence Day and we plan on spending the afternoon exploring Philadelphia and finishing off with fireworks.

Quote of the Day:

Random man at Home Depot to Mark: Sir, have you ever been constipated?


  1. I love the "Quote of the Day" for today. I'm still laughing over it! :)

  2. You're right, Karen, that is 'laugh-out-loud' funny! Glad to hear your hard work is paying off with lots of improvements to the structure and aesthetics of the building. Enjoy your 4th of July celebrations! I hope you're taking lots of pictures !!??!!

  3. No pictures? Say hi to the gang!