Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Philadelphia Times Vol. 1 #5

July 4, 2012

Independence Day. This is what our day was supposed to look like.

8:30 am – leave for the church.

9:00 am – 11:00 work on the church.

11:30 am – go ‘home’ and eat lunch.

12:00 pm – eat lunch.

1:00 pm – 3:00 take showers.

3:00 pm – leave for Independence Day Parade.

4:00 – 6:00 pm – watch Parade.

6:30 pm – go get Philly Cheese Steaks for supper.

8:00 pm – meet Dana at the church to go to fireworks.

8:30 pm – get to fireworks.

9:15 pm – fireworks start.

10:00 pm – go back ‘home’.

11:00 – 12:00 pm – go to bed.

Here is what really happened:

8:30ish am – left for church with one vehicle stopping in again at Home Depot (I think the employees know Mark by now).

9:00ish am – starting in on cleaning things up, put some more pews back, found my lens cover, finished painting the front of the church and weeding the back of the church, painted the poles out front, finished organizing the kitchen.

11:20ish am – decided we had better stop working if we wanted to go out and do things.

11:30 am – next door neighbour, a Korean, offered us lunch. Fresh crab. Lots of fresh crab. They were cooked but they still had their eyes. Beady, little eyes.

12:00 pm – got back ‘home’.

12:10 pm – first van load left for showers.

12:30 pm – Niessa Snodgrass and Heather left to get Italian Ice. Picked up five flavours.

1:10 pm – started lunch. We all tried the crabs but most of us found it was too much work for the little bit of meat we got out. The Italian Ice was a great hit though and we all enjoyed trying the different flavours.

2:00 pm – second van load of people left for showers.

3:00ish pm – left for parade and settled into our spots. Took a few tries to find a nice shady spot. We were at the end of the Parade route.

4:00 pm – the Parade started.

4:30ish pm – we finally saw the first float.

6:15ish pm – left to go get Philly Cheese Steaks.

6:30ish pm – arrived at the Steak house to find it closed. Headed for Baja Fresh instead to try some Mexican food.

6:50 pm – got to the restaurant and ordered our food.

7:20ish pm – left to go meet Dana at ‘home’.

8:00 pm – got back to the church and met Dana.

8:05 pm – left for the fireworks.

8:30 pm – arrived at fireworks.

9:10ish pm – the fireworks started.

9:55 pm – the fireworks ended with a loud, grand finale.

10:05 pm – headed back ‘home’.

11:11 pm – no one seems interested in going to bed yet.

Dana is one of the young people in the Calvary Church. She is very excited that we are here. We met here on Sunday and she immediately invited us to come to the fireworks with her.

Today was a lot of fun even with a few minor setbacks. Tomorrow is our last day of work on the church and there is still plenty of work to be had.  

Quote of the Day:

Lisa after Dan sprayed Axe in the room: Do you want me to smell like Axe?

Dan: ...kinda...

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