Monday, 2 July 2012

Philadelphia Times Vol. 1 #2

July 1, 2012

It was a sunny morning as we all tumbled out of bed at various times. We ate together and then after cleaning up the sleeping areas so the Calvary congregation could hold Sunday school we headed off to Grace Fellowship.

An elder led us in a study of the seventh question of the Shorter Catechism where we read about the decrees of God. How He has decreed everything to His eternal purpose and for His glory. We learned that everything that happens has been foreordained by God’s sovereign plan.

Both services were delivered by Rev. Barry Traver. In the morning we were taught about who Jesus is. That He is the Son of the Living God. The one we must worship with all our beings. In the afternoon Rev. Traver read from John and expounded the ‘I Ams’ of Christ.

Both services gave us the opportunity to get to know the small congregation better. After the first service we came back to Calvary and joined them for a church lunch. There we had a chance to talk to those in the already established church.

Already we have made friends in both churches. A member from the Calvary church has offered to take us around on Wednesday, Independence Day, including fireworks in the evening. In the Grace Fellowship Church we have offers of help from a family that regularly attends. One or two of the oldest boys will join us tomorrow to help us out as we start the work.

The one member of the Grace congregation is originally from Nigeria. His two oldest sons, the ones who will be working with us, were born there. His youngest two were born here in Canada.

He is a seminary study and is working on his doctorate before headed back to Nigeria to bring Christ’s word to those there.

The Snodgrasses joined us for supper and we spent a few minutes remembering our country and singing the national anthem. Prayer time was a group effort with each of us taking a prayer request and bringing it before the throne of God.

The weather is quite warm here but we are all spoiled with air conditioned vehicles and church buildings. We continue to get to know one another and spend time laughing and having fun.

Tomorrow the work begins and we ask that you all pray for us. We ask for protection for the week, for the strength to do what God has ordained. And also pray for the Grace Fellowship Church. The small congregation seems to be losing more members than they are gaining. Pray that Pastor Bill Snodgrass will not despair and that he will keep preaching faithfully. Pray that we as a youth group might bring encouragement to the church and also the gospel to those who live in darkness. Pray that we may always show that light of Christ in all that we do.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We are and will continue to pray for all of you. The weather is very warm here as well - we are grateful for air conditioning as well. That is really cool that you will be celebrating the fourth of July in Philly! It's a real blast, I hear. Give a certain someone a big hug, and take care. Love, The Vandermaarl's